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Common Questions regarding dating websites 

Is Online dating safe?

It’s as safe as you make it. Millions of people meet on dating websites. What you should remember is to only meet someone publicly versus your own home or their home until you feel more comfortable with that person. But there is no reason a person would have more psychotic tendencies because you meet them online versus a night club.

Is my credit card safe?

The dating websites that we recommend all offer secure encrypted data forms that are nearly impossible to crack.

I hear the quality of people on dating websites is lacking?

This is debatable and depends on what you consider quality. If you are in a large urban area you’ll have a larger pool of profiles to choose from, the smaller your town the more difficult it is to find someone compatible. But online dating isn’t any longer for computer nerds, every type of person goes on here.

lf I don’t like the service can I discontinue using it?

Of course you may choose to discontinue using the service at any point in time. There will be the option to cancel your account in your control panel. 

Does anyone actually fall in love on these websites?

You would be surprised, millions fall in loves and a large percentage of these people have gone on to get married.


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