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Casual Dating. 

Let's face reality, not all of us are ready to settle down. For those of us who prefer casual dating or just going on flings versus seeking the comfort of a relationship there is a good website for this. Lavalife offers members three options when it comes to communicating with people. When you sign up you can list your profile in the dating, relationship or in the intimate section.

The casual section is more for going on dates with no huge implication for the future. So if you want to go see a movie, find a golfing partner, someone to go on long hikes with, or someone to go out with dinner tonight, this is a solid option. 

The relationship section is where people who are more serious about settling down hang out.

The intimate section is for people who are searching for either a short term or a long term partner for casual or committed sex. Some people want multiple partners, some want just one or two, it's very dependant on the person and generalizations are difficult to make.

It's because of these three options that we recommend Lavalife for those who are just into casual dating or wanting a casual sexual partner.

This is a better option than the other websites that we feature here as the people on there are generally more in the stage of their life where they are ready to settle down and raise a family.

Lavalife: Where Singles Click!

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